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If you want even lighting, you'll need another light source or at the very least a reflector.

You could get away with making a reflector - a large sheet of stiff white card should do it, but you won't get a 1:1 lighting ratio with it - more like 2:1 (key:fill).

You want the ISO low for best quality. Are you shooting manual flash or are you going to rely on TTL? You might get more consistent results with manual. You want enough depth of field to get all the product in focus & that will depend on not only the aperture you shoot at but which lens you use (& THAT depends on how much room you have to 'back up').

As for shutter speed - prob best to kill the ambient in the product shots by shooting at max sync speed. The boss shots - you may want to blend in some ambient for 'feel'.

This is a sort of product shot using a single off camera speedlight (fired through a home made light tent (cardboard box with tracing paper 'windows') plus a reflector;

As for shooting your boss (not literally, lol!) - with only one speedlight/softbox, you might want to go for almost frontal lighting - it'll be flat but even. Try a 45 deg angle plus reflector, but you will then have a higher ratio (which might be what you want).

At the end of the day - make it clear to your boss that you may not have enough gear to get the results he wants - but no reason not to give it a go. If you can't light it well enough, then advise him he needs to get in a pro.