What is M-commerce?

What is M-commerce?

Today’s market statistics say that m-commerce is a big and wide range in range business strategy in the market.  M-commerce is a mobile platform used to run or market or promote business through mobile. In other words, m-commerce is a platform, where buying and selling of goods and services are done through wireless technology called mobile apps. In 1997, the first m-commerce service was started.


How m-commerce is replacing E-commerce?


People are having powerful tool (mobile phone) in their hand and love to travel with it, instead of going with the laptop. Today, people use mobiles not only for phone calls, but also use for buying products through app where they can text and share something, which makes mobile a highly useful device.

How M-commerce is more helpful than e-commerce?


When compared to e-commerce users, the m-commerce users very well experience retail shopping. The 30% of online shoppers say that they are using only smartphones to buy products online and 60% of the users are purchasing goods and services though mobile apps than on website.


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Here is the best m-commerce solutions


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