Work out like a Navy SEAL at home: the no equipment ultra-fit workout - National Extreme Fitness

Navy SEAL Power Workout

* This power circuit works your core, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, shoulders, and lower back, while helping you improve your body's ability to exert max force in minimal time. These power movements will let your heart pumping for an added cardiovascular workout.

* Quality first: you are only cheating yourself if you perform these movements at less than full intensity-- push yourself 110%

*Make sure you have a solid base of training before attempting these exercises. If not, you risk performing the movements with faulty movement patterns, which could compromise the effectiveness of the exercise and risk injury.

Perform each of the following exercises 2-3 times. After the first set, rest for 30 seconds. After the second set, cut the rest time to 20 seconds and then again to 10 seconds after the last set before charging on to the next move.

Move 1: Starburst

Start: With legs placed just wider than hip width apart, squat down so hands touch down to ground.

Movement: Jump up as high as you can, reaching arms and legs wide to form a star at the top of the jump. Land in a controlled position and return to squat position. Repeat 15 times.

Move 2: About Face

Start: Stand with feet in crouch-ready position, knees slightly bent. Start timer.

Movement: Jump up forcefully, rotating body 180 so that you land facing opposite direction. Reverse move and jump back to starting position. Repeat for 60 sec.

Hint: If you get dizzy, stand still until you can see straight, then continue exercise.

Move 3: Dodging the Enemy

Start: Stand upright balancing on right leg

Movement: Draw in gut to activate core as you bend right leg to activate gluteals. Explode up as you leap to the left, landing on left leg. Repeat movement on left side so that you end up in starting position. Jump back and forth 15-20 times each direction.

Hint: For added intensity, hold an 8-pound medicine ball and twist at torso while performing the exercise.

Move 4: Power Marking

Start: In a split stance, lower down to a lunge.

Movement: Leap up into a scissor position landing in split stance with opposite leg in front. Repeat, alternating legs quickly and explosively for 30-45 seconds.

Hint: Make sure knee of front leg does not extend past toes at any given time.

Move 5: Wind Sprints

Start: Place two markers 15 yards apart. Starting at the first marker, assume a sprinters start position.

Movement: Exploding out of the blocks like a sprinter, run to the second target and touch down with your hand. Change directions and sprint back to the first target as quickly as you can, touching down on the first target when you arrive. Repeat 6 times.

HOOYAH to Team Perfect for developing this gut-wrenching, pure adrenalin workout -- let me know what you think!!