Ayurvedic Tips For Men To Overcome Erectile Dysfunction


Ayurveda states that even though, a man has a strong desire towards lovemaking with a partner, who is cooperative, he cannot do that because of absence of erection of male organ. However, even if he manages to perform it, he cannot get the erection and also he will be affected by frustration, perspiration and tiredness due to inability to perform in bed. But, this alternative system of medicine states that men with this issue can easily get out of the same and here are some ayurvedic tips to overcome erectile dysfunction.

Tips to overcome:

1. This system recommends men to give a gap of at least four days between each lovemaking act

2. Adding a little ghee in diet will help

3. Foods like urad daal, nuts, fruits and milk products will help

4. It is recommended that men with this issue should avoid, spicy, bitter and hot foods

5. Exercising regularly will go a long way in solving this issue

6. It is better to keep away from alcohol consumption and usage of tobacco products

7. A good sleep of at least 8 hours during night will help

8. To get out of mental exertion, yoga and meditation will help

Some men will have difficulty in following all those things mentioned above. But, if they are more concerned about ayurvedic tips to overcome erectile dysfunction, the best thing they can do is to rely on Saffron M Power capsule, which is an ayurvedic remedy with effective ingredients. Here are some details about few ingredients in this respect:

Saffron: The benefits of saffron for men are almost endless say Ayurveda. It can bring benefits like weight loss and improvement in genital performance. It is added as an ingredient in Saffron M Power capsules mainly because of its ability in improving the health of genital passage in men. When every issue in genital passage will be cured, ED is no exception.

Swarna Bang Bhasma: Ayurvedic tips to overcome erectile dysfunction states that men with this problem can rely on Swarna bang bhasma. The reason is that it can cure infertility and can improve sperm count. Being an excellent aphrodisiac herb, it will help in quality of semen and its quantity as well. It can address muscular weakness and general weakness in men, which are generally resulted out of ED.

Lauh Bhasma: This is nothing, but a form of iron. Iron will improve the blood content in the body. When blood content improves, the flow of blood to different organs, inclusive of the penile area will improve. When adequate level of blood reaches the male organ during lovemaking episodes, men will be in a position to achieve stronger and longer erections.

What more can be done?

In the ayurvedic tips to overcome erectile dysfunction given above, Ayurveda recommends not just remedies for internal consumption, but it is also recommended to use oil for applying on the male organ, so that blood flow will improve. This is where the herbal oil called as Saffron M Power oil will help.


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