Herbal Remedies To Prevent ED And Increase Erection Strength Naturally


If you are concerned about ED issue and wishes to prevent it, before getting into the details about the herbal remedies to prevent ED, it is better to understand the physiology of erection.

Physiology of erection: The two chambers of male organ are filled with spongy tissues. The chambers are surrounded by the membrane known as tunica albuginea. The spongy tissue is made of smooth muscles, arteries, veins, spaces and fibrous tissues. The semen generally runs under the chambers.

Because of either mental or sensory stimulation or when both happens, the erection will start and because of the instincts from the brain and the local nerves, the muscles in the chambers relax and they permit flow of blood in, thereby filling the spaces of spongy tissue. The blood flow will begin to create pressure on the chambers, thereby expanding the male organ. The tunica albuginea helps in trapping the blood in the chambers, thereby helping men to sustain erection. On the other hand, when the muscles in the male organ contract for ceasing the inflow of blood and open outflow channels, erection begins to reduce.

How Ayurveda explains the physiology?

As you are looking for herbal remedies to prevent ED, the best thing you should do is to understand the physiology of male organ from the ayurvedic perspective.

Ayurveda states that Apana vayu is one of the five types of vayus that is located in the colon, anus, groin, thighs, umbilicus, phallus, urinary bladder and the testicles. The functions of this Vayu as per Ayurveda are the ejaculation of semen, voiding of stools and urine from the body. The process of ejaculation and erection is explained in sushruta.

Accordingly, when a man has desire for lovemaking, his response towards touch increases and this leads to arousal called as harsha in Ayurveda. This intensifies the action of vayu and during this process the highly active vayu gives liberation to the heat of pitta. This will in turn increase the heartbeat, body temperature and blood flow leading to erection. Now, after having understood the process, it is time to get into the details about herbal remedies to prevent ED.

Use Saffron M Power capsules and Saffron M Power oil: As you are looking for herbal remedies to increase erection strength, these two remedies can provide you the right answer. These two remedies are made up of safe herbal ingredients that will not cause any side effects to your body. Besides acting as herbal remedies to prevent ED, these remedies will also help your body in achieving many other health benefits.

In addition, they are called as herbal remedies to increase erection strength because the capsule will help in eradicating general and sexual weakness in your body internally, while the oil will work externally to help you achieve better, longer and stronger erection.

In short, men using these herbal remedies to increase erection strength will be in a position to gain back their love life, regardless of whether the ED problem is caused due to any reason.


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