6.1, The Most Popular IOS To Date

6.1, The Most Popular IOS To Date

Apple has never been hacked as much as during the past week, and the culprits are their own customers. Nearly seven million users of iPhone, iPad and iPod have hacked their device with the jailbreak called Evasi0n, released last Monday. Reported that the US business website Forbes.

According to Jay Freeman, who manages the appwinkel Cydia for jailbroken iOS devices, there were early this morning for nearly seven million iOS devices jailbroken via Evasi0n. There them logged 5.15 million iPhones, 1.35 million iPads and 400 000 iPods in the alternative appwinkel.

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Although Freeman is not the exact figures, for previous jailbreak versions, he says Evasi0n ‘impaired amount more visit “brings you bijvorbeeld the jailbreak tool Absinthe – who worked with some versions of iOS 5. Also Jailbreakme3 was used only by one, 4 million users of Cydia in the first nine days of its release.

The enormous increase, according to Freeman partly due to the increased number of iPhones on the market (sold in 2012 were 136 million), but he thinks it is mainly because Apple iOS devices still far too dense spikes. “Smartphones have become increasingly popular, but Apple keeps his system very closed. Therefore not consumers get what they want and they go so jailbreak their device, “said Freeman.

It takes more time hackers to hack the new iOS version. iPhone 5 took the hackers behind Evasi0n 136 days. iPhone 4S was hacked in 98 days in 38 days iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS in just 14 days. According to Freeman watched people this time also added from the jailbreak.