6.1 Shows "Radio buy buttons" After The Jailbreak

6.1 Shows "Radio buy buttons" After The Jailbreak

Jailbreaker Austin Smith after his jailbreak iPad with iOS 1.6 found a number of icons that indicate Apple a Pandora-like service has hidden in iOS. There have been going a long time rumors about Apple's plans to come up with a competitor to Spotify and Pandora; as predicted Bloomberg in October 2012 that Apple in the first quarter of 2013 would launch an Online Radio Service.

After the Jailbreak of his iPad is the discoverer of the icons will rummage through its file system and found that a whole set of icons in the folder music.app. The icons all have the word "radio" in the file name and number of the icons refers to sales activities, such as the file "[email protected]~ipad.png".

According 9t05mac its icons below, among others, can be found on your iPad.

The sources state that people from Bloomberg Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony already have been in Cupertino to discuss the deployment of a radio app in Apple's headquarters.

How that would go over Radio app works is still unclear. It could be a Spotify-like application, which, of course, to integrate perfectly with iTunes Match. But it would even be the case that it is possible to make "radio stations" which are based on a track from your collection. Another option is the less sophisticated tag system as it is already available on the iPod Nano's, where you listen to a FM station and tracks can tag to buy them later on iTunes. If the predictions are correct Bloomberg we will know shortly be ...