Why Organic Treats Are Healthiest for Dogs?

Every dog’s owner wants pets get best health, live long and lead a happy life. A special relationship is developed with puppies after bringing in home. All family members grew fond of puppies rearing to be faithful and full grown dogs. In fact, dogs are loved and cared more than any animal in the world. But, the furry friend of human also doesn’t leave behind in repaying love and care of owner through special services. To last this special relationship longer, dogs should be given premium quality foods to acquire an active and longer life. This is why it is essential for owners to ascertain qualities of foods before buying from stores.


Many commercial dogs’ food products found in market are cheap in quality and create problems for dogs after feeding long. Treats containing ingredients of artificial preservative, anti-freezer, flavoring agent, fillers, and other cheap quality products leads to poisoning of dogs or early death. Ingredients like artificial preservatives have found to be carcinogenic for human. But, still in many dog’s treats these harmful chemicals are still used. This is why owners need to look at ingredients label before buying products from pet’s store. Feeding low quality products would lead to irreparable loss to owners – death of pet.


To deliver good health, organic foods should be fed to dog always. Organic foods are simple and natural ingredients that are grown locally without using any chemicals. Organic foods are highly nutritive, natural, and digestible providing better nutrients in every bite of food. The best thing is that organic foods are filled with valuable nutrients that aren’t found in artificial foods. This is why owners should feed pets with organic foods instead of artificial one. Feeding quality food is the simplest mantra of keeping dogs happy and active.


Demands for organic foods have increased tremendously in market. Numerous products have come up in market claiming to be purely organic. But, it is essential to ascertain the ingredients before purchasing from stores. Vitalife is manufacturing organic foods from chicken fillet, duck fillet, beef, and sweet potatoes grown locally in Thailand. Pure ingredients are handpicked from farm to be oven treated for better taste and aroma. The treats remain tender, aromatic, simple and highly nutritive essential to get good health by dogs. The foods are packed following international safety standard to maintain freshness and quality for long. No harmful chemicals like artificial preservative, glycerin, excess salt, corn, soy, fillers and other cheap quality ingredients are added in making products. Treat of Vitalife are simply natural, simple and very healthy for dogs. 

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