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Earlier today, the Daily Mail reported that the young pimp seeks to express blame for his recent assault conviction with sportswear company soldes basket nike. 26 year-old Sirgiorgiro Clardy is suing the company for not including warnings that Air Jordan sneakers could potentially be dangerous weapons when employed to stomp around the face of the non-paying customer.
Clardy, who had previously been also found guilty of robbery and forcing a lady into prostitution, is representing himself inside the lawsuit. He penned the three-page long complaint to Nike from his current residence inside Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution. He not simply seeks $100 million dollars in compensation, but also the labeling of 'potentially dangerous Nike and Jordan merchandise.'
'Under product liability there's a certain standard of care that's needed is to be up-held by potential dangerous product,' Clardy wrote. 'Due that these defendants named in this Tort claim did not warn of risk or to provide an adequate warning or instruction it has caused personal injury inside the Chaussure Timberland Homme of mental suffering.'
The recent 2013 conviction marks Clady's 20th based on Raw Story. In 2012 he was arrested as part of your sex trafficking sting which resulted in the rescue of two underage girls. According to Metro, the victim from the assault needed nose surgery and stitches after Clardy stomped on his face in their Air Jordans.
Frank Colistro, a psychologist who testified against Clardy in the most recent trial described him as 'born bad' and 'an anti-social psychopath...100% more likely to commit crimes again.'
''I've evaluated serial murders, serial rapists, and I'm planning to tell you few of those people achieve the [scores] we're going to talk about here,' said Colistro. Clardy's lawyer was fearful of his client, and he had to wear a bag over his go to prevent him from spitting on people problem.
The lawsuit is expected to be served early in a few days to Nike TN Beaverton headquarters.