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I mean, do so-called “Public Servants” vote for what their constituencies want, or for what they really believe? Desks have no soul. Here, were on a little firmer ground, for bureacracies haven't much in the way of souls, either. The word “bureau” itself originally meant the cheap green cloth accustomed to cover the tops of desks. More such as the felt of blotters, the coarsely woven Nike TN Requin Homme dyed stuff is accustomed to cover gaming tables and such.
The Brits utilize word with this sort of cloth as being a metaphor for “snooker” (the billiard table game effortlessly those confusing balls and rules).
I guess it is supposed to induce friction and reduce the movement from the balls. Yeah, the type of thing W.C. Fields ripped on top of his cue within the classic “pool bit” that cracked up my dad of blessed memory when he even contemplated it. Yeah, the present day bureaucracy is absolutely good at slowing things down. Sometimes a hierarchy can devote an inordinate quantity of energy to its self-preservation. Sometimes it seems to me to do so to the detriment of the stated purpose. The members in the hierarchy may not even notice this, but I always do. Like within the military, where the folks on the top lavish themselves as much as they can using the expression, and in many cases the thought, “RHIP” (Rank Hath Its Privileges). Getting solid human waste to leave the body was known as “going for a lieutenant.” A non-com who controlled plant and provisions could perform a great deal to levitate as well as to chaussure de ville timberland the fate of an officer's career. As New Balance Pas Cher said, “It is better to become feared than loved…” — however, most fear-mongers neglect the rest of that quote … “if you can't be both.” The first order of business for most hierarchies is to preserve themselves — and that is certainly a powerful way.