Potty Training Tips for Girls

Toilet Training a Girl Requires Special KnowledgePotty training for girls involves some unique considerations for parents. Girls are better equipped to say goodbye to their diapers when caregivers follow these rules for toilet training toddler girls.What Girls Should Wear When Potty Training

Girls should not wear dresses or skirts when toilet training. Parents might be tempted to believe that not having to pull down pants might make training easier, but in reality they are very difficult to gather up and hold in the front and in the back.

Skirts are very likely to droop in the potty and get wet, causing a lot of frustration and confusion for a toddler who went to the potty correctly but still got her clothes wet. Tights and leggings should also be avoided when toilet training a girl since they are difficult to pull down.

Teach Correct Posture When Potty Training

When people think of children spraying urine during potty training, they undoubtedly think of boys. However, girls often have this problem, too. It is usually because she is sitting on the potty with her pelvis tilted forward. Teach girls to sit up straight with their bottoms tucked underneath them and their knees together.

If this doesn't seem to correct the problem, or if parents suspect that there are other issues at play, they should have their daughter examined by her pediatrician.

Help Toddlers Girls Detect Urination

Sometimes little girls will sit on the potty for a while, then get up thinking that they have urinated when they actually haven't. Girls are at the disadvantage of not being able to "see" it like boys can. This is especially true if they are using the toilet instead of a potty training chair, when there is already liquid in the bowl.

Parents can help girls to "see" when they have urinated by using a potty chair and placing a sheet of toilet paper at the bottom of the bowl. If it is wet, it will be easier for girls to tell that they have gone.

Girl Potty Training and UTI Risks

Toddler girls are especially susceptible to urinary tract infections (UTIs,) which are often caused by improper wiping after a bowl movement. During potty training, one of the first lessons parents teach should be how to wipe from front to back.

Potty Training for Girls With Brothers

When they start using the adult toilet instead of a training potty, little girls should also be taught to routinely check that the seat is in the "down" position before using the bathroom. This is especially important if there are older brothers at home, who might forget to put the seat down every time. Nothing can be more traumatic to a newly-trained toddler than inexplicably falling in when she thought she was doing it right.

Girls and toilet training are a difficult mix. Children can catch on quickly, but it helps if parents have the right strategies for teaching essential skills. Each gender has their own set of needs, so parents should give special attention to these matters before starting to potty train their daughter.

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