How Rain Can Help Your Hair - San Antonio Home Living Tips

Rain is dynamic. It has been used to symbolize everything from passion and sorrow to death and renewal. It also plays a key factor in almost every film adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks book. So, yeah, rain is a big deal. But did you know, that whether youre dancing in it or despairing in it (cue Coldplays The Scientist), those raindrops are providing much more than a great visual? Its true! Whatever the reason for your time in the rain, youre treating your hair to a revitalizing rinse, one cool splash at a time.

Weve all heard the stories of the famous and fabulous washing their locks with a bottle or two of Evian and laughed it off as a silly fad. A fad, maybe. But silly? Not at all. The idea behind it is that to truly cleanse your hair you must first purge your water of all contaminants. While tap water may be safe to drink by the EPAs standards, it doesnt mean it isnt leaving plenty of unwanted extras behind. Think of it like washing your windows with grimy water. You just arent going to get the desired shine. Rainwater is to hair what Windex is to glass, a match made in cleaning!

Okay, Im Listening. But Why Rainwater?

Rainwaters hair pampering properties are easy to explain. For those of us who live in hard water areas (more than 85% of Americans do), a rainwater rinse is especially effective. Why? Because rainwater is soft water, straight from the clouds and untainted by materials found in groundwater (like magnesium and calcium). These minerals stop your shampoo from lathering, causing you to overdo it on hair products and further dry out your hair. If you need another visual of hard waters lack of cleansing prowess, imagine the milky soap scum left behind on your dishes. Gross, right? Well, that same scum is being left behind on your hair, robbing you of your shine.

Rain, Rain, Come Today!

So, on the next rainy day, grab that plastic lemonade pitcher you never use, and collect some rainwater. (Unless of course you live in an area prone to acid rain. Aint nobody got time for that!) If you manage to gather enough for your whole shower, simply substitute the rainwater in when it comes time to rinse. If you only collected enough for just one rinse, shampoo and condition your hair as you normally would, but turn your final rinse into an end-sealing, cuticle-smoothing and shine-boosting spa treatment (courtesy of your local cumulonimbus). Let your hair air dry, or, using a diffuser, switch between the hot and cool settings on your hairdryer. You will immediately notice the difference in how your hair looks and feels. Welcome to the world of glossy and manageable hair!

If you love the results, but live in an area where rain is a rarity, consider making the switch the soft water in your home. Your hair and skin will feel better, your food will taste better and your dishes will regain their gleam without any extra hand washing. As if you needed another reason to dance in the rain.

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