Fig nbsp xA Biplot between the ratios C

Fig. 3. GC–MS hopane chromatograms (m/z 191) for the crude oil samples. Peak numbers 1–19 show the hopane compounds as 1-Ts, 2-Tm, 3-C29α, 4-C29β, 5-OL, 6-C30αβ, 7-C30βα, 8-C31αβ-S, 9-C31βα-S, 10-C31αβ-R, 11-C32αβ-S, 12-C32βα-S, 13-C32αβ-R, 14-C33αβ-S, 15-C33αβ-R, 16-C34αβ-S, 17-C34αβ-R, 18-C35αβ-S, 19-C35αβ-R.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide