Spain's capital successive short passes to make The capital

Barcelona's second objective, it is a common "Barcelona have obtained." Spain's capital successive short passes to make The capital exhausted protection, the strike began Suarez's right-sided cross. After ongoing short successfully pass, Neymar affect the soccer ball to the shut road, behind Messi. Presently at the front part of flea body, are they not have any opponent. Clink buy  Fifa 16 Coins.


Messi had previously been Yangambiwa enraged by foot powerful low taken informed The capital on the 2nd, the battle is technical and strategic soccer, rather than the capability to mouth area provocation.Postpone rejoin Messi and Neymar outstanding condition, plenty of efforts and rejoin Suarez is already polished gun. The first four warm-up suits, Suarez obtained a finish of three objectives, but he also had a strike disallowed in the experience against Birmingham U. s..


During the warm-up coordinate, Suarez is Barcelona's top scorer. Scored 122 objectives last season, the mixture of MSN, so that Spain's capital President confidently: "? I think Messi Fantastic Globe, Suarez and Neymar should have three finalists last history." In the sight Bartomeu , MSN should be swept three silver soccer ball, obtained 61 objectives last season, C-Ronaldo was completely ignored. Form buy  Fifa 16 PS4 Coins