Fully Customized Cotton and Velvet Curtains – Cheery Curtains

Fully Customized Cotton and Velvet Curtains – Cheery Curtains

If you’re looking for a way to have a style of curtain in your home that is timeless, then a velvet curtain is the way to go for the look of elegance and style.

Velvet fabric has been used for many years. It was first used for royalty with its luxury fashion for noble frocks and then used for drapes across the wall. It was thick and mostly used to keep the cold out of homes, the art of velvet weaving was an instant hit with nobility.

Velvet fabric is made from silk and cotton; however, some velvet curtains today are made from polyester. They are still plush and soft and come in rich, deep color to match any room. You can use velvet to in various manners to create different looks for drapes and cushion covers, plus, it can also be twisted while wet to createcrushed velvet.

We’ve all heard of and used materials made up of cotton or velvetBut cotton velvet, a velvet fabric that is made out of cotton is something new and quite interesting to know about. Cotton velvet, as the name suggests is made up of cotton fibers and this material is widely used for several purposes.

Cotton Velvet serves to be a fine choice for many materials and one of the most popular uses of cotton velvets occurs in curtains. Other most common uses of cotton velvets occur in sofas and cushion covers. Here are some of the major uses of cotton velvets.

Although not as suave and elegant as velvet made from silk, however cotton velvet looks quite attractive too and serves to provide the charm the texture and appearance of velvet that we all wish for. Cotton Velvet is highly used for sofa and curtain purposes not only due to its durability but also for its texture and appearance.

One of the greatest plus points of using cotton velvet is that it can be easily cleaned off with a simple wet cloth. This is one of those qualities of cotton velvet which makes it durable as well as easy to clean and maintain. So you don’t need to worry if you have kids at home, your cotton velvet curtains