Fig xA Normalized integrated peak intensities for reflections perpendicular to

The initial cycles represent the starting texture of this WP 1130 material, which was shown to be a random distribution (Fig. 4). Once the material was loaded to 300 MPa, preferential selection of martensite variants along the tensile loading direction is shown by the increase in intensity of the (0 1 1)M, (0 2 0)M and (0 3 0)M orientations (Fig. 6a, b and d), while the intensity at the (1 0 0)M and (1 1 1)M orientations decreased (Fig. 6a and c). The opposite trend can be observed for the planes parallel to the loading direction, which represents the Poisson’s effect (Fig. 6e–h). The change was pronounced for the first cycle or two under load. Continued cycling under load had little further effect on the observed martensite peak intensities for the remaining cycles, which corroborates the constant transformation/actuation strains shown in Fig. 5e after the first two cycles under load.