Table nbsp Table nbsp Vanadium

Concentrations of vanadium in marine organisms (Miramand and Fowler, 1998).Name of organismsConcentration of V (mg kg− 1 dry weight)Effects of high concentration of VReferencesPhytoplankton1.5 to 4.7Impair metabolism, react with ATP, glutathione, amino acids, Blebbistatin and lipidsGoc (2006)Zooplankton0.07 to 290Convert inactive phosphorylase to an active form in the muscles.Increased the oxidation of phospholipids in certain liver.Nason (1958), Vonk (1960)Macroalgae0.4 to 8.9Increase fresh and dry biomass, chlorophyll synthesisMeisch et al. (1977)Ascidians25 to 10,000Play role in defense systemMichibata (1996)Annelids0.7 to 786Affect respiratory and reproductive systemsMichibata (1996)Other invertebrates0.004 to 45.7Growth and reproductive problemsDomingo (1996)Fish0.08 to 3Affects reproductive, kidney, respiratory and liver functionsSoares et al. (2003)Mammals< 0.01 to 1.04 (fresh weight)Renal and kidney problems, also affect the phylum liver functionsLlobet and Domingo (1984)Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV