A Search At Silver, Silver Plated, And Sterling Silver Jewelry

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The silver jewelry is plated in Rhodium-a metal that doesn't want polishing to keep it's shine. Barack Obama recently gifted his wife with a ring plated in Rhodium for her patience in the course of his campaign efforts. The metal is turning into far more and much more well-known. The gold jewelry is plated in 14-24 karat gold.
As far as the print of the earring goes. Sky is the limit here. Men get to pick from spikes, diamonds, swirls, stars, checkered, flames, dots, flags, pave animal print, enamel print, and onyx.
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Well, diamonds don't rust thankfully but they do get dirty and they require to be cleaned to keep their sparkle. Also diamonds can scratch each and every other and this is a typical problem with diamond earrings as they normally are kept with each other. As a result when you purchase diamond earrings, be sure to ask and learn how to care, clean and store them correctly.