Top Three Home Pregnancy Exams In The Market


Some women doubt the accuracy of pregnancy tests that are home made and instead elect to rely on tests which can be bought from drugstores before confirming it with their physician. Theres no problem with this but its always best to know just these tests work.


Just how does a pregnancy test work? Its common knowledge that a womans pee is used for these over the counter tests. Thats because a hormone called hCG produced by the placenta that's found in the urine of pregnant women. It'll take a couple of weeks before the hormone shows in the pee to be detected in pregnancy tests. Most evaluations have a sensitivity rate of 20 25 miU/ml. The lower the sensitivity rate of the evaluation, the earlier pregnancy can be discovered. This is among the factors in reviewing what the best pregnancy test is. You may find more details about best pregnancy test from this website. There are there are only three top best pregnancy test most commonly used, each with their very own advantages and disadvantages.


The first is First Response Early Result, which is exceptionally favored due to its low miU/ml level. At 6.5miU/ml, the test can detect pregnancy up to six whole days before the missed period. Its fairly easy and simple to use: you simply need to urinate on the very front of the evaluation (best to do this in the morning) and wait for three minutes. Two lines means youre pregnant; one line means. The accuracy rate for this particular evaluation is 76% - 99%. But, the lines may not be easy to read and are vague.


The next evaluation is Clearblue, with an accuracy rate of 65% - 99%, depending on how many days before the missed period its taken. It not only indicates whether youre pregnant or not but also how many weeks into it you are. Its just as easy to use, except youre just awaiting the LED display to light up. It will say pregnant together with a number to indicate the weeks if youre positive. This really isn't entirely precise, but its still much easier to read than lines.


The final evaluation is Wondfo, which are highly precise and medical grade. As youll have to urinate into a cup and put the test strip into it for about 3 seconds usage is somewhat different, though. Wait another 5 minutes; two lines indicate positive, one line is a negative, and no line is invalid. This comes in big packs of 25, so you could keep attempting without the price.


Depending on your conditions, these three evaluations are for confirming your pregnancy, your best shot.