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The photocatalytic activity of ZnO and Ag-doped ZnO was evaluated by measuring photocatalytic degradation of BPA and NP in water under the illumination of UV light. In the presence of only UV, the AM 281 degradation is remained constant. For the degradation experiment certain dosage of the previously-prepared catalyst was dispersed in 100 mL aqueous solution. Then, the suspension was magnetically stirred in darkness for 30 min to establish the adsorption/desorption equilibrium between molecules and the surface of the photocatalyst. Subsequently, the suspension was subjected to UV irradiation and hydrogen peroxide. At a taxon given time intervals 5 mL aliquots were withdrawn from the above suspension and were centrifuged to completely remove the suspended catalyst particles. The concentration of the solutions during the irradiation was determined by UV–Visible spectrophotometer using a SHIMADZU UV-1800 apparatus. The mineralization degree was detected by a Shimadzu TOC-VCBH Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzer.