It is worth to note

It is worth to note that previously the role of the surface crystallographic orientation on fabrication of silicon nanostructures through scanning probe anodization followed by chemical [14], [15] and [16] or plasma [17] etching was studied. In these investigations local A 68930 nanolithography was applied to define very narrow oxide masks on top of a Si(1 1 1) and Si(1 0 0) substrates. The subsequent etching shows [15], [16] and [17] the higher aspect ratio of nanostructures on Si(1 0 0) substrate due to more than order of difference in the etching velocity of the Si(1 1 1) and Si(1 0 0) surfaces [18]. However, the parameters of the anodic SiOx patterns produced on Si(1 1 1) and Si(1 0 0) substrates were not discussed, probably due to the fact that they were not important as etching velocity of SiOx almost four orders of magnitude lower than that of Si(1 0 0) [19]. In this work we have studied the geometrical parameters (height and width) of the oxide lines on the surface of textured polycrystalline Ni(1 1 1) and Ni(2 0 0) films fabricated by atomic force microscope oxidation nanolithography.