Strong hydrogen bonds for K INT

3.3. Covalent graft
3.4. Intercalation energy
Table 3.
Formation energies (ΔEform, in kJ mol−1) BIBO 3304 different kinds of intercalation models of DEOA and water in kaolinite with d(0 0 1) value of 11.2 Å. aReactionΔEformPhysical intercalation(1) K-112 + DEOA → K-INT-DEOA−31.1(2) K-112 + DEOA + H2O → K-INT-W-DEOA−49.2Covalent graft(5) K-112 + DEOA-H2O → K-GRA-A-DEOA−44.3(6) K-112 + DEOA → K-GRA-A-W-DEOA−65.7Double covalent graft(7) K-112 + DEOA-2H2O → K-GRA-B-DEOA13.5(8) K-112 + DEOA → K-GRA-B-2W-DEOA25.5aThe labels “A” and “B” indicate fossil grafted kaolinite complexes have one covalently grafted organic arm and two organic arms covalently bridging two vicinal structure units of the mineral, respectively.Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV