'Person of Interest' Recap 'The High Road' on CBS

Person of Interest has fans on the edge of their seat as Michael Emerson (Harold Finch) tells the audience, You are being watched, by a machine that he built for the government. With Finch is Jim Caviezel (John Reese), a trained CIA killer, but a guy on the side of righteousness. Together these two men will have you wondering in this drama where they star as good guys with the wonders of modern technology and two detectives (Carter & Fusco) on their side who work side by side with them and try to keep their jobs. The CIA is looking for Reese as he continues to fight for justice for the little guy, while Reese transforms from cat to mouse and back again.

As the episode opens, it was a few years ago and Henry is walking with a friend who is talking about his love life and hovering close to divorce. In the present, the machine gives a name of Graham Wyler, a married man with a repair shop. He lives in the suburbs with his wife and daughter. In his shop, Reese overhears what sounds like a shady deal being made by Wyler. Now a house across the street from Wyler is for sale and Reese and Zoe Morgan become husband and wife to fit into the neighborhood.

Finch discovers that the real Graham Wyler died in the 1980s, and this man stole his identity. Reese and Zoe move in with the dog. The doorbell rings and the Wylers come by with a welcoming gift and invite them to a cookout in their yard that afternoon. As Graham is grilling, his daughter gets a postcard from someone in Philadelphia, and Graham excuses himself as John takes over the grill and switches beer bottles with him to get his print.File:Benjamin Linus.jpg

Someone bumps into him while John is following him and says, excuse me Lloyd. Later at his daughters soccer game, the same man who bumped into him is at the game. When the game is over, Lloyds car is on fire, and he receives a phone call from a blocked number telling him to meet tomorrow.

Because John sells security systems, he installs one for his neighbor, who now has the jitters because of the car. Harold is the helper working on the security system and sees and hears everything that goes on over there. Zoe sees that his wife is upset after Wyler leaves for the city, so she goes over to see the wife.

When Lloyd meets his old friends who went to prison, while he walked away, they show him the necklace his daughter could not find. They tell him he has a nice home, next time they will take something with a heartbeat. They want him because they know he is the best safecracker around and will blackmail him to do it.

Lloyd leaves a note for his wife and slips out of the house before Reese knows he is gone. Lloyd and his cohorts are dressed as waiters to get into the building. A party is going on in the apartment, and the hooded men break in. Lloyd is handed a stethoscope and tells them he needs quiet.

Harold rigs his equipment to look into the apartment. John rappels from the roof and gets into the apartment and after taking out one of the masked men, appears under the mask. Carter is called in and tips John off to the stairwell for their escape.

As John and Lloyd are free and clear, Lloyd decides to turn himself in. A short while thereafter, in the suburbs, John calls on Connie and Lloyd to say good-bye. Lloyd is wearing an ankle monitor. The judge did not convict him of a major crime, and he is back with his family.

Throughout the episode, Harold is haunted by the name Grace Hendricks, an artist who paints by the riverside. While Harold stops at an ice cream truck, his phone rings. The call is from Grace Hendricks and he walks down to the riverside and says hello and she answers him with a hello as the scene fades. Could she be the next Person of Interest?

Photo of Jim Caviezel: Wikimedia by Genevieve Photo of Michael Emerson: Wikimedia by BeZet