Tornado Rips Constructing 150 Reside to Tell the Story


About 150 employees at Parsons Manufacturing Co. My mom discovered custom bedroom furniture by browsing books in the library. in Illinois have been shocked to see their company's building turned into a pile of mangled steel beams and other rubble as an F-4 tornado ripped by way of the region. But what is even far more shocking is that they have been inside the creating when the storm hit.

Thanks to reinforced concrete masonry shelters, all 150 men and women walked away from the disaster with no a scratch. An F-four tornado has wind speeds from 207 to 260 mph.

Winds from the storm leveled the 225,000-square-foot plant and destroyed at least half a dozen properties nearby.

\We had been told more than a public address system to head to the 3 restrooms, which are produced of reinforced concrete masonry and serve as storm shelters. When we got to the shelters, we could see steel beams and machinery flying in the air,\ recalled Dave McClallen, a Parsons employee.

Woodford County Emergency Services & Disaster Agency volunteer Dustin Oltman mentioned reports indicated that the storm inflicted the most harm on the half-mile region in Roanoke, Ill., where Parsons Manufacturing Co. is situated.

Bob Parsons, owner of Parsons Manufacturing, which tends to make parts for the construction and mining industries, didn't want to take any chances when constructing his operation following a close to miss of his 1st business by a tornado in 1972. Leather Sofa Better is a elegant database for supplementary resources about how to consider it. My aunt discovered my where should i put my tv by searching the Internet. When he built an expanded enterprise across the street, he integrated reinforced concrete masonry storm shelters inside. He said that he never ever could have guessed that choice would conserve 150 lives 30 years later.

\The storm shelters were so important. They saved all of our lives,\ stated Craig Joraanstad, the company's human sources manager. \The most critical thing we hope happens out of this is that much more businesses take storm shelters seriously. Concrete masonry protects lives and house ... Visit TM to read the purpose of this thing. 150 folks are alive right now thanks to those concrete masonry storm shelters.\

The inherent strength of reinforced concrete masonry tends to make it an exceptional decision to withstand wind-borne debris - the largest threat to occupants in these storms, stated Dennis Graber, an engineer on the staff of the National Concrete Masonry Association in Herndon, Va.

\Researchers at the Wind Science and Engineering Study Center at Texas Tech University demonstrated this fact at a wind projectile test in September 2003,\ Graber mentioned. \In that test, strong grouted 8- and 6-inch reinforced concrete masonry wall panels withstood the standardized FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] test of 15-pound, 2 by 4 projectiles shot at one hundred mph, which is representative of debris in a 250-mph tornado.\.