Alves long-range flying saved Siliguri

The first 24 minutes, Alves long-range flying saved Siliguri, Neymar blank range header. The first 34 minutes, Alves right before the games open angle continuous fakes newcomer left foot pass, Neymar Road headed home, 2-0. The first 39 minutes, Rakitic out of the right corner, before nodding the ball from the center slightly.Clink buy Fifa 16 PS4 Coins

The first 41 minutes, Alves missed remote hanger.Opening the second half with Harvey replaced Iniesta Barcelona, 47 minutes Neymar Road break was denied, Rakitic restricted area arc left foot low shot was rushed. Pastore 49 minutes left cross, right-foot strike Cabaye closed top kick. 51 minutes left cross Neymar, Messi big left foot lob pounce closed road Siliguri. Barcelona with Sergio - Roberto replaced Busquets.

58minutes Ibrahimovic right cross, Verratti large closed road right foot low shot sliding doors. Paris Cabaye replaced by Lucas, 72 minutes Cavani Road-point shot, Ibrahimovic restricted the right foot volley was saved by Stegen.To read more football news and buy more Fifa 16 Coins ,in