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A company which provides the best source of lighting supplies online is the They have over 30 years of experience in the electrical and lighting business. They offer service from anywhere from large casinos to small retail stores and residential home owners. Their main motto is to provide the customers with best products and service at lowest price. This company provides powered by savings calculator to estimate the energy cost of savings. This tool will allow you to name your job, provides the scope of work and finally generates a PDF report that displays the breakdown of cost savings for their customers. The dimmable LED lamp is an excellent LED lamp with its high 90 CRI output from TCP. This lamp is approved for enclosed fixtures and damp locations. This 10 watt led bulbs is equal to 60 watt incandescent bulb. They provide 5 years warranty and 25,000 life hours for this bulb. So you can save up to 80% of energy cost compared to the halogen lights. Low heat generation, shatter resistant and smooth housing are the special features of this lamp. It can be used for ceiling fixtures, track and display lights and can be used as table and floor lamps. The LED lamp from Green creative is an exceptional lamp. This titanium CRI SP LED series features 92 CRI which is very high in led bulbs. This light is mostly used for enclosed fixtures and it provides vibrant and crisp colors.