Fitness freebies: 5 days, 5 exercise routines, 5 minutes, no equipment required - Honolulu budget fitness

Late August to early September may very well be one of the best times to be outdoors in Hawaiiwith temperatures in the low to mid-80s, some of the lowest rainfall of the year and a lull in tourism, taking a workout to the beach couldn't seem better. But for some, readjusting to school and work routines can make committing an entire hour to working out (plus getting there, getting back, changing, showering, etc.) quite challenging.

Fortunately, most people have at least 5 minutes to spare in a day of 1440; and these five simple exercise routines not only target every muscle group, but can fit in any schedule, can be done anywhere, and of course - can be done for FREE!

Five 5 minute freebies

Legs - get the week started off right by burning some calories and training one of your largest and most functional muscle groups

Squat to Calf Raise

Alternating Reverse Lunge



Side-lying Double Leg Lift

Back & Chest - a strong back will support everything from posture to lifting to surfing while the large muscles of the chest are important for bringing the arms forward for things like self-defense



Isometric Push-up

Wide push-up


Bis & Tris - sculpt and train these smaller muscles of the arms to make daily activities (like carrying groceries, lifting a child or getting out of bed) easier

Bicep curl



Tricep (Military) Push-up

Side-lying tricep push-up

Shoulders - these tiny but powerful muscles are used for stabilization, lifting and more; and in the words of Jillian Michaels "shoulders are the one part of your body that's usually naked"


Plank Push-up

Reverse Plank

Dive-bomb Push-up


Core - although a defined core is certainly an asset to any swimsuit , our core muscles support nearly every function in our body, including running, balance and even breathing

Single-leg Teaser

Hip Lift

V-Sit Rotations

Side Plank


This fall, don't let your "to-do" list weigh you down (literally). Whether you hit the backyard while your morning coffee is brewing or head across the street to a park on your lunch break, 5 minutes a day is all you need to start sculpting that body and help keep you on your priority list.

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