What's in your bottled water ?

As you might guess, the pH levels of store bought water widely varies. Here are two quick points to remember. Minerals left in or added to the water will raise the pH and make it more alkaline. Ingredients added to boost flavor or sweeten the water will make the water more acidic.

Alkalife.com posted the results of some local pH testing done on some of the most popular bottled water brands. Keep in mind that Alkalife.com is in the business of selling mineral drops meant to alkalize clean water.

Propel Zero: pH 3.5

pH is about equal to that of soda due to added ingredients although it is sold as a fitness water.

Aquafina: pH 5.5

Aquafina water is purified (7 steps) tap water

Dasani: pH 5.6

Purified tap water with added minerals

Arrowhead Spring Water: pH 6.8

pH will vary as it comes from different springs across the United States

Crystal Geyser: pH 6.9

Purified spring water with more or less a neutral pH, comes from various springs across the United States

Poland Spring: pH 7.2

Spring water thoroughly screened for contaminants with many of the natural minerals still present in the water.

Nestle Pure Life: pH 7.3

Tap water the undergoes reverse osmosis and/or distillation then infused with minerals.

Fiji: pH 7.3

Naturally purified through volcanic rock, then filtered while allowing the natural mineral to remain

Volvic: pH 7.5

Spring water bottled at its' source in France, the Clairvic Spring.

VOSS: pH 7.6

Supposedly an extremely low TDS (total dissolved solids). The water is bottled from a municipal water supply in Norway. A report posted on the Voss web site actually list the pH at a much lower rate around 5.5. The results show here are what Alkalife.com claims they to have averaged after multiple pH level test done on the water.

Smart Water: pH 7.6

Mostly distilled water with infused minerals

Deer Park: pH 7.8

Filtered spring water

Penta: pH 7.8

Filtered municipal water processed through a high pressured, spinning chamber.

Evian: pH 7.9

Glacial spring water naturally purified without the use of chemicals, contains minerals, including sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonates, and more.

As the author of this article, I have no affiliation with Alkalife.com. However, I am seriously considering buying my own water distiller and using the type of product that they sell to infuse my distilled water with minerals. They sell what seems to be a good Alkalife pH booster.


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