They are victims not culprits

Do not cast them away,

for they are not outcasts.

Your love and suppport is what they need to survive.

That is the only way you can help them revive.


They were once like you,

they had dreams like you

but unlike you,

they didnt get the chance to be educated like you.


It was a harmless substance,

and he only wanted to have a taste of the substance.

It looked so white like the snow

and it's effect so slow.


One day, he was on the pitch,

when his body began to itch

and to be fine, he needed a taste of it.

Once a master to the slave,

now a slave to the slave.


He tries to step out,

 but he is told there is no way out.

His very life depends on it

and he is nothing but a living-dead without it.

He will do anything just to have it.

Give up anything just for it.


It is too late to judge him ,

but not too late to save him.

Wipe his tears.

Seize the peddlers and sava the addicts.