ISO: Door to the Quality Management System


What is meant by the word ISO?

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide league of national Quality Management System bodies from every nation. The object of ISO is to advance the improvement of standardization and related exercises in the world with a perspective to encouraging universal trade of products and administrations, and to developing collaboration in the circles of scholarly, experimental, mechanical and monetary movement. The consequences of ISO specialized work are distributed as International Quality Management System for API.


What is the part of BIS in ISO 14000?

BIS is the National Standards Body of India and is an author individual from ISO Quality Management System. BIS speaks to India, in ISO. The Technical Committee (TC) number 207 (ISO/TC 207), and its Sub-advisory groups of ISO are in charge of the improvement of ISO 14000 standards. Industry ISO Consultants from India including BIS officers selected by BIS take an interest in the gatherings of the Technical Committee ISO/TC 207 and its Sub-advisory groups.


What is the difference between ISO 14000 standards and IS/ISO 14000 standards?

There is no difference. According to the ISO Consultants, they are precisely the same. BIS had received the aforementioned ISO 14000 arrangement of standards and these are numbered as May be/ISO 14000, IS/ISO 14001, IS/ISO 14004.These standards distributed by BIS are precise imitation of ISO 14000 arrangement of standards. BIS additionally gives certification against IS/ISO 14001 under its Management Systems Certification action.


Which IS/ISO 14000 standards is implied for certification?

According to the ISO Consultants, any organization can apply for certification against IS/ISO 14001. Alternate standards i.e. IS/ISO 14004 is guidance standard and is not implied for certification.


Where can duplicates of the IS/ISO 14000 arrangement of standards be obtained?

Duplicates of the IS/ISO 14000 standards may be bought from BIS Regional/Branch workplaces  what's more, Headquarters at the locations given in this site.


Your organization gives administrations. How are the IS/ISO 14001 standard pertinent to you?

The ISO 14000 ecological management standards, according to the ISO Consultants, exist to help organizations minimize how their operations contrarily influence nature (cause unfriendly changes to air, water or land) and follow appropriate laws and regulations. ISO 14001 indicates necessities for setting up a natural approach, determining natural perspectives and effects of items/exercises/administrations, arranging ecological goals and quantifiable targets. In this manner IS/ISO 14001 standards are pertinent to a wide range of organizations.