How to Get Good Corporate Gift Ideas

Have you ever received a corporate give you just didn't like?

Perhaps a simpler question would be, have you ever received a corporate gift you did like?

So many corporate gift givers get so fancy and creative with their ideas that they end up with gifts that no one really wants, but will end up being tossed in the trash.

Avoiding this is not only good for the company giving the gift, but it's good for the gift receiver and the environment as well.

Before you order this year's corporate gifts, ensure it's something that that won't meet that fate. It's not that hard. It's just a matter of thinking of the kinds of things that people actually use. Make a list of those things and go from there.

Clothing, for instance, is a great way to go. You don't need anything too fancy here, just a sweater, t-shirt or even windbreaker. These can be quite cost effective when bought in bulk, but provide other perks as well.

For one thing, they make for a great place to put your company logo because it will be seen by anyone who sees it being worn. In that way it's more than a gift, it's an investment in your company's image.

Many companies are turning more towards the practical. They choose bags as their corporate gift idea. Not just any bag, naturally, but a functional one that, like the clothing, can feature a logo that people can proudly display. Backpacks or gym bags are good examples of these.

People use them quite a bit but rarely feel like going out to buy their own. Getting it as a corporate gift will actually be more than welcomed.

While thinking about sticking your logo on things, consider a mug. This inexpensive idea goes over well, especially when giving gifts to corporate partners. If you don't want make it look cheap you can always spruce things up a bit by sticking something in the mug. It can be something relevant to the mug like teas or coffees, or something totally unrelated like candy.

Candy, incidentally, is all by itself a gift that won't be thrown away. In fact, any type of food you give as a gift is a gift idea that will be appreciated and put to good use. From candy and chocolate to cookies and other baked goods, there are all kinds of food ideas to choose from.

The downside is you don't get to give out a branded gift that will be kept around for years, but at least it will be something the receiver will look forward to each year.

The best thing to do when coming up with corporate gift ideas is to start with something that you would use yourself. If you would just end up putting it aside and forgetting about it, then there's a good chance other would as well.

So, choose one of the ideas above or go with one of your own, then run it past yourself and perhaps another person or two. If it meets everyone's approval, then it's the best way to go.