1970sonly One Of Those As Soon As Thriving Companies Are Left As We Speak

A superb number of years additional on and the properties of the primary row on Hud Hey including the Wesley Church which by then had being used by a textile agency known as Sirdar Fabrics, and these two shops already talked about here, and an additional two or three homes have been finally demolished and and the realm landscaped making the property of 304 Blackburn Highway the new Gable End as it is at present -this property now has a named/datestone Clough Terrace” in the newish built 25 year old” gable end, this named stone actually belonged in one of many homes demolished earlier, and was transferred and built into its present voodoo site by Howard Stott the demolition contractor involved within the work at the moment. Just instantly outdoors of the Office was the Bus Stop and still is… Several properties further on and also you come to what was the (29) previous Co-op Grocery Store on the end of the row before you come to Hud Rake, and it's nonetheless a store at present, having been more not too long ago selling Carpets. After these steps there was a couple of extra homes then a short hole before you came across an extended row which was kind of reverse the main shop space.

One of many outlets later turned Stott & Vizzard (Suppliers of Radio & Tv & TV Repair Shop)- they were 2 lads whom each had previously labored for the local Relay Imaginative and prescient which had a store at the Commerical traffic lights where these days there's a bookmakers - Ladbrokes?) but previous to this Relay Vision had been on Blackburn Highway (same row as Black Bull).

Grocers(7),Greengrocers(three),Butchers(3),Bakers and Confectioners(3),Chip Shop (2), Girls and Childs Clothiers (2),Hairdressers (Mens)(2),Chemist (1),Publish Office (1), Newsagents (3),Off Licence (1),Furnishings Supplier 1, Off Licence (1), Wool Shop (Haberdashery) (2), Sweets & Tobacco (2), Launderette (1), Fishmonger (2), Bric A Brac (1), Coffee Bar (1), Plumbers (2), Printer (1) Bookseller (2), Photographer (1), Boot Repairs (2).

Next was (18) Rileys (Grocer - within the style of Spar or VG), then it was (19) Mr & Mrs Hunt (Chip Store), then we had arrived at the massive (20) Co-op building which was a (Common Grocers & Butchers), the truth is this was two shops combined, and Walt Metcalf worked in the Butchers.…. At the moment these are the one retailers nonetheless left standing on this row and at the moment are sellers of Antiques….(See Picture)… Next to those outdated Co-op Stores was (21) Mr. Deans (Greengrocers) eventually taken over by Mrs.

The ultimate store within the row, earlier than you got here to Station Highway was a (23) Bakers and Confectioners…At that time half way down Station Street there was additionally one other Grocers and they also operated a School of Motoring…. Clifford tells me that at one time No.30 had been a farriers and the actual shop ground was moreover supported by thick beams. No.26 was Spencers - Ladies and Gents Hairdressers, he labored in the entrance store and she or he labored in the back store. Outside of this shop was a pink phone field in the 70s which is now not there. The paper store on the prime of Station steps was owned by Nightingale's but that could possibly be in the 40's.