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What surprises everyone is that there are no indicators on the impending disaster as a result of the economic indicators show no indicators of rapid deterioration. This does not happen in Malaysia as a result of as a result of authoritarian nature of the government, Financial institution Negara Malaysia can exert full control on the commercial bank personal loan in malaysia operations. The authorities have tried many selective capital controls and unorthodox economic approach to stabilize the Ringgit to serve as a stop gap measure for it to purchase extra time so that when different international locations recovering Malaysia will then participate within the recovery which will help to show around their economy.

To tackle the issue Malaysia established the NEAC (Nationwide Financial Motion Council) in 7th January 1998, which was based on concepts and policies of NOC (national Operation Council). Formerly he was running the foreign exchange trading desk in Bank Negara and the exact same man that brought about Bank Negara Malaysia to lose about RM 30 billion 20 years in the past. Bank Negara Malaysia had been probably the most ardent opposition to the usage of capital management figuring out its repercussions or after results. In other words to perform quick promoting on the ringgit and when the ringgit depreciates they'll purchase it back to repay their offshore ringgit mortgage.

By the time Malaysia imposed the capital control (1st September 1998), the disaster had already devastated different countries by greater than a year. If capital control is impose after Anwar is sacked, then heck there will probably be another spherical of capital flight not only from Malaysia but also from the IMF-3. Since capital control signifies that the dollar's movement in and out of Malaysia will likely be curtailed and this may create an impression that the availability is restricted.

Dealing of shares in CLOB was made illegal to stop the stream of funds to Singapore and in addition discourage the arbitraging of shares between the two exchanges. Therefore , Malaysia had one less drawback to tackle and it may possibly now focus its battle on the city financial system. Therefore with a relatively decrease than its neighbor Debt/GDP it helped Malaysia to escape much of the brunt of the disaster.