The PERFECT Fitness Equipment for Me: Working Out at Home

I've tried out several different pieces of exercize equipment, from a treadmill to recumbent bike and stepper to ab-rocker. Sure, they've all worked out well for a period of time and MAYBE even produced results for me. Eventually however, I'd find a reason to drag it into the attic or sell it in a yard sale. Since I'm not of the mind-set for fitness clubs or Zumba Groups, I'd resort to walking when the weather was nice or doing stretches on the floor.

I should mention at this point, I'm a Grandma now and reluctantly admit, some of those comments we heard from this age group when we were younger aren't so funny anymore. Metabolism does slow down, we're not as limber nor as quick & a bit of our spring has sprung. My joints sometimes speak to me and I'll be darned if I don't grunt now and then, just like my mother used to!

Thumbing through a magazine, I found an article for "Fitness Over 60," and I read every word . There was a picture of a "Cardio Strider," which I thought was an interesting looking piece of equipment.....a little different than anything I'd ever seen or tried before. The marketing was masterful enough to grab my attention and in fact, I was sold on this Strider. I bought it.

Once my new incentive was in my home, sitting neatly in the corner, facing my plasma TV, I took my place on the comfy seat and flipped through the pages of the manual. "What a beauty," I thought to myself, as I programmed the little computer read-out to light up on the screen. It keeps track of everything! I could control the tension on my arms and legs, keep tabs on my heart rate, minutes & miles traveled and even calories burned. Best of all, it's whisper quiet. I can treat myself to this wonderful physical activity and listen to every word Matt Lauer is saying to me.