Laminated safety glass

Laminated safety glass

The laminated glass is a gathering comprising of one sheet of glass with one or more sheets of glass and/or plastics coating sheet material joined together with one or more inner-layers. The inner-layer behaves like gummy and separator between the plies of glass or plastics coating sheet material.

Security and Protection:


At the point when subjected to human or other effect the bond between the glass and inner-layer follows any broken pieces, keeping the glass in place and opposing infiltration. This essential breakage trademark altogether diminishes the probability of genuine damage, qualifying covered glass as a Grade a Safety Glass in understanding "Wellbeing coats materials in structures". Furthermore the glass is unrealistic to drop out if utilized as a part of inclined or overhead coating applications.


Laminated glass offers more noteworthy assurance for individuals and property by giving a successful hindrance from assault. Despite the fact that the glass will break if hit with a mallet, block or comparable article, the inner-layer can oppose infiltration, guaranteeing any endeavor to enter a premises will be moderate and boisterous. Also the assaulted glass will have a tendency to stay in the opening, keeping wind and rain out of the building until it can be supplanted at an advantageous time. The kind of overlaid glass needed will rely on upon the level of security looked for.

Custom Glass offers standard and custom laminated safety glasses up to 3" thick. It protects you from collisions, impacts and physical attacks. Customized with drilling, polishing, sand-blasting, beveling, and pattern cuts to provide you with the best finished product.