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Everyone's preferred B-film star Bruce Campbell exhibits up in the movie as nicely, doing his patented, but nonetheless welcome, flip as a slightly smarmy and somewhat admirable character. I study someplace exactly where someone suggested that Campbell would have been the ideal choice for that sick-fated updating of Kolchak the Evening Stalker on ABC. Yes, he would have.

If you have seen the horrible movie called "Quarantine", then you may or might not know that it is an American remake of a much exceptional horror movie from Spain known as "[REC]". Well, "[REC] 2" is the sequel to that film, launched in October of 2009 in Spain. First off, if you have never seen the authentic "[REC]", make sure you do so because you have no concept what you are lacking and please erase the damage that "Quarantine" has carried out to your thoughts.

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