Ikeji Linda Famous Entrepreneur and Blogger

Entrepreneur and contentious writer are one of the numerous talents that best describe the Nigerian blogger. Produced in 1980, September 19th, Linda Ikeji continues to make waves in media with her no nonsense attitude and contemporary approach geared toward expressing the reality, connecting with her audience, and investigating the hottest industry trends. Having been recognized as an actual power to contend with, the well known publisher has recently concentrated on the creation of her fashion and lifestyle blog.

Linda was born and raised in South Eastern Nigeria in the town of Imo State within a strong catholic house. She attended the University of Lagos where she pursued her studies in English.

With her fearless attitude and willingness to educate the people of a wide selection of fads to shocking news stories and private events from healthy living and fashion, Linda Ikeji has eventually become a celebrated blogger. Her platforms expand from her regular blog to social media supplying a strong fire for governmental issues to updates on real-life events. The blogger was described as issuing publications which have landed her in hot water and focusing on dramatic reports.

It was in 2006 that her blogging career started and soon got tremendous interest. The honest and no nonsense style of writing regularly cause dramatic publications and controversy. This includes content Funke Akindele, issued about well-known stars Richard Mofe Damijo, and Djimon Honsou who expressed dissatisfaction and defamation at the time.

While the website was shut down in October 2014, it's impossible to keep down a good thing, and shortly the writer was up and running a mere 2 days later. The reason behind the downtime was clarified through an online representative, who expressed concerned at policy violations. This comprised the essence of the content published that could prove harmful for its so called casualties.

The prior model was honoured in 2013 at NBA service or the Nigeria Blog Award. It was here that she received recognition as being the greatest entertainment website.

Former model and the accomplished writer is followed by thousands of devotees on social networking. She remains updated on the hottest fashion trends, but also government policies and shocking real life reports with headlines and graphical posts. With an impressive following, Ikeji has established the she is a power to contend with in the media industry.