Kindle Troubleshooting

As we all aware that kindle is device from Amazon and if your kindle is in warranty you will get support by visiting else you have to find kindle technichal support number or technical forums over the internet to get answer for your questions related to kindle problems.There are lots of third party companies who are provide support for kindle but how would you know are they legitmate or not so below I can give you answer of some questions related to kindle device .
I forgot my kindle password how to reset it?
As android phones working with gmail account, same thing happened with kindle as kindle is amazon product so to use kindle we need amazon account so if you want to reset kindle password you have to visit amazon website and choose forgot password option and follow the instructions then you are able to reset kindle password.
Kindle screen frozen.
This is comon problem with kindle device if we work longer on it and it heat up then kindle stops responding, to fix it you need to press the power button for approx 30 seconds and once its completely off kindly turn it on.
Kindle won't accept my WIFI password.
Kindle WIFI connection problem is very difficult to listen but its very easy to resolve, to check the correct password check your WIFI router and type the correct password it will help you to fix kindle wifi password problem.
how to transfer all books from my old kindle to my new kindle?
To tranfser the books you ned to configure your new kindle with same ID which you are using on your old kindle once to done with that it will automatically sync with your amazon acount and you will get your all old data on your new kindle for more enquiries kindly visit