Cloud PBX – The Ideal Phone System for Multiple Businesses

Many professionals, entrepreneurs and businessmen are running multiple companies at the same time and as we all know a good and reliable phone system is a must for any company regardless how big or small it is but having a phone system for each of your company can be a disaster, this means you have to have numerous handsets all over your office, pay substantial amounts monthly to keep the phones and hire a professional engineer to maintain your system, with that said you probably are looking at thousands of dollars just for your voice communication stream.

Fortunately with the evolution of the communication industry integrating multiple companies into one phone system is now possible, yes you got it right you can integrate all your business into a single system to work harmoniously together and best of cut down your monthly bills significantly all with the help of a cloud PBX system.

Generally there are two ways, first via an IVR or an Interactive Voice Response, this is the voice recording that you hear over the phone prompting you to press 1 for sales press 2 for support and so on. You make use of an IVR by promoting the caller to press for company 1 press for company 2 and so on. Regardless of which option the caller chooses the call will be routed to your cloud PBX system and you are given an advance notification where the call is originating from so you can prepare accordingly.

Second is via multiple numbers, let us say you three businesses then you can have three numbers and market it separately all calls coming from either of those three numbers will be directed to your cloud PBX system each having their own greeting message, IVR and advance notification where the call is originating from. In this way callers will feel that they are calling a sole company and not someone who is trying to do everything.

Both configurations have their own advantages; it depends on what and how you run your business, but generally by integrating all your companies into a single communication platform youll be saving more than 50% on your monthly overhead cost, giving you the funds you need for expansion and staff development.

Furthermore since a cloud PBX system can be used with a SIP trunk, you can also save on your calling expenditures by almost half because SIP trunk offers lower line rentals and cheaper dial rates without compromising call quality.

Author's Bio:

David Clarkson is a well versed telecommunication engineer with years of background in the industry, In his experience the demand of structuring internal and external communications for small to large scale businesses was perfectly solved by cloud PBX technology and has recommended it since then.

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