Review of Five Body Weight Machines and Fitness Equipment

I like to call this machine the reverse machine. Why? Because the less weight you scale on this machine, the more resistance you will have. For you see, the real name of this machine is the "assisted chin dip" or the "assisted chair dip", it is essentially training wheels to get you started.

This machine is fabulous for shoulder stretches because you determine the amount of weight.

OK, you caught me - this machine does have scalable weights. But the scalable weights are in the assisting not in the increasing.

This machine is often overlooked and yet is one of the most valuable machines in the health club. If your health club offers this machine and you are not using it - shame on you! This is a little gem that is often not understood or when somewhat understood, it is forgotten.

Woman this machine is a must because it can effectively target the often difficult to train triceps.Chair dips with 100% of your weight is not a possibility for most of our populace.

This machine I would like to see added to a fitness test - chin up for men and chair dips for women. Upper body strength is essential to everyday functions.This machine highlights the need to train these muscles.