Municipal treated water, AquaGuard models, and electricity consumption

You may think that corporation water is purified. You have got it wrong. Municipal corporation water is only treated not purified. There is a vast difference in meaning between purification and treatment. No matter what the treatment procedures the water undergoes before it reaches your tap, it is a must to use an advanced purifier at home so that you stay away from related diseases. There are over 2100 known contaminants present in water, which cause 80 percent of the existing diseases on earth. There are reasons why millions of users rely on the Eureka Forbes AquaGuard water purifier. Every AquaGuard system guarantees purification effectiveness and are tested for quality by reputed national and international bodies such as Thames Water Institute - U.K., University of Pretoria, SA, and more.

Water in municipal bodies is generally treated or chlorinated using bleaching powder. Chlorination does not remove the impurities in the water completely. If you read about the complete chlorination concept and the pros and cons, you will be surprised to know that it itself contributes to making the water less potable. Chlorinated water that reaches your kitchen tap thus gets loaded with impurities, direct consumption of which can create havoc on yours and your familys health. AquaGuard water purifier is designed to treat any type of water no matter whether it is chlorinated or has harmful micro organisms, chemicals, new age tough contaminants, etc. With the AquaGuard water purifier, you can always ensure that you are receiving 100 percent pure water from the faucet.

Which AquaGuard water purifier will best serve the purification purpose? Water types vary from place to place so do the mechanisms vary accordingly. So, in areas where TDS is high, use of RO systems is recommended. In areas where micro organisms are high, use of UV systems is suggested. Likewise there are more mechanisms to explore. Here is a list of the AquaGuard water purifier under different mechanisms:

Blend: Aqua Guard Total Sensa, Aqua Guard Total Duo, Aqua Guard Total Protec Plus

RO: Aqua Guard Total ENHANCE, Aqua Guard Total Reviva, Aqua Guard Total Atom

UV: Aqua Guard Total INFINITI, Aqua Guard Classic, Aqua Guard Compact, Aqua Guard Booster, Aqua Guard Hi-Flo, Aqua Guard VERVE

Aqua Guard Ultra Filtration.

When we speak about AquaGuard Reviva, you will come across numerous models. AquaGuard Reviva Total is a domestic RO purifier. The other models, viz. AquaGuard Reviva - RO 25 LPH Storage, AquaGuard Reviva - RO 50 LPH Storage, AquaGuard Reviva - RO 50 LPH Basic, and AquaGuard Reviva - RO 25 LPH Basic are all institutional RO purifiers.

As AquaGuard is an electrical appliance, you may like to know about its power consumption. In general consumption of electricity in water purifier is negligible compared to any other electric equipment in your house. 25 watts is the power consumption figure for the AquaGuard water purifier; it consumes only 1 unit current in 40 hours, purifying at least 4800 litres resulting in consumption of only 1.52 units per year!

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