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Okay, a few people sent me messages asking me to prove the rods get weaker. Well I'm not going to spend my hard earned money on junk to prove that it's true, not when the owners of bowflex have already seen the proof on their own machines:

Heres one from the yahoo group Bowflexexchange:

From: coolguy10195

Date: Tue Sep 25, 2001 6:29 pm

How can i make my rods stronger?

My bowflex is older and they been weakened a bit. I can tell because the first 50lb rod is weaker then the second one, as it has been used more.

and another From: "Tom" <[email protected]>

Date: Wed Aug 20, 2003 6:59 pm

Does anyone know whether the rods weaken with age?

I've had mine for about five years. Just bought additional 50-pound rods, and they're far and away stronger than the 50's that are on there. Tom

and another:

Post Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 15:55:31 -0000

Subject: [Bowflex fitness club] Bowflex RODS... Lose Resitance!!!!


I tried a Bowflex yesterday at a local authorized dealer...

I did like the fact that you could work thru and change to an entirely different exercise with ease... Not bad workout...

Here is the CLINCHER and reason I AM NOT buying one to date

The Rods lose their resistance.... I noticed that the 50lb ROD was a good 1/3 already stretched out... This was very apparent when the 2 RODS in question were unhooked from the clip!!! And, when used, I only found resistance when the rod was bowed about half way into the rep... I mentioned it to the dealer and even called a BOWFLEX service rep on it...

All I got from the REP was that you could send them back and have them tested... and if BOWFLEX thought they were losing their resistance they would send you a new ROD??? This is arbitrary...For the consumer... how do you know??? Than I just got drilled... "would you like to purchase a Bowflex today Sir?"

Plus: you have to pay the shipping when you send the rods to them!!

Note: not much of a lifetime warranty if you have to pay the shipping! - Fitness Guy

FitnessGuy Says:

I'd expect more people with this problem if more people actually used their Bowflex, but truth is most people don't. Want proof on that too? Just look in any large cities' classified shopper papers, you'll see several bowflex gyms for sale. How many quality used home gyms do you see in the paper? rarely if ever. That's because people keep using equipment that actually works well.

A 50lb dumbbell will still weigh 50 lb in 20 years. It won't weigh 40 lbs after lots of use and it won't get brittle and break from old age either.

Here's a question: If bows are so great, why haven't commercial gyms switched to bows instead of weight stacks? Because the smart money is on the proven, reliable methods. Let other people be the guinea pigs on new unproven equipment, while you get better results with real equipment.