2009 Polaris Victory Vision Touring Bike

2009 Polaris Victory Vision Touring BikeThe owner of this bike was in his late teens when he got his first bike - which was a Yamaha Roadster. Bound by a passion for bikes he has owned quite a few bikes. These include three Harley Davidsons including a Sportster, a Custom, a Buell and a Goldwing Honda; this was before he purchased the 2009 Polaris Victory Vision Touring bike.2009 Polaris Victory Vision Touring Bike - Why Become Bikers?

Most guys like bikes for the speed, acceleration and manoeuvrability that a motorbike offers. The adrenaline rush can be surreal as one powers up the streets, with the heart racing, palms sweating, muscles tightening, fingers clenching, trying not to scream ... Whew.

Some people love to spend hours and hours alone in nature, alone in their helmets taking long rides, thinking about how wonderful it is to be alive. They meet people with the same interest with theirs. This is why there are a lot of successful motorcycle clubs. New bikers are starting to discover groups of people who they can learn a lot from. Joining groups also gives them a sense of purpose. Most have advocacies that benefit many people. This way, they get to help others while enjoying what they love to do.

2009 Polaris Victory Vision Touring Bike - About Victory Motorcycles

Victory Motorcycles after having reached their first decade of production decide to celebrate the occasion than with a limited edition Anniversary model 2009 Victory Vision Touring was rolled out in 2009. The most distinguishable model, the Vision Touring bike, which apart from a fiery red colour comes filled with anniversary emblems.

Based in Minnesota, United States, Victory Motorcycles began production of its vehicles in 1998. Its parent company, Polaris Industries, created the firm on the lines of the modern success of Harley-Davidson. Victory's motorcycles are designed to compete directly with Harley and similar American-style motorcycle brands, with V-twin engines and Touring, sport-Touring, and cruiser configurations. The first Victory, the V92C, was announced in 1997 and began selling in 1998. Victory vehicles follow the larger and resounding American style of motorcycle defined by Harley-Davidson, rather than the more racing propelled designs of Yamaha and Kawasaki.

2009 Polaris Victory Vision Touring Bike - Accessories and Modifications

The owner of this particular bike chose Victory because he wanted something new, it had to be singular and unparalleled. The bike was not available in the island nation of Bahrain and he had to go all the way to Dubai, to get it. While he was at it, he made sure that Xenon lights were added to enhance its deadly looks.

Features such as the button-adjustable windshield, heated grips and, also heated, ergonomic seats, reverse saddle bag were added. The bike was to be further accessorized with iPods and associated controls. The CB Intercom communicating gadget was also ordered and will be installed soon. Further work was done on the bike including chroming, and a new exhaust system - giving it an explosive side stance. At 1760cc, the bike is almost as powerful as it looks.

2009 Polaris Victory Vision Touring Bike - Conclusion

One can say that - together with the launch of the Vision in 2007, the Victory name becomes notorious and the bike stood out as yet another American emblem. This bike has been purchased and accessorised only 2 weeks back, but there are already many plans already in the pipeline. Having taken a trip to Kuwait last month, Europe in 2007, Syria Lebanon and Damascus in 2008; this bike is sure to go places!