Proposal Format by Axia Consultants


IT project proposals may have to follow a set format and layout as specified within your organisation. But if not, it is up to you. Your overriding consideration is whether the appearance meets the executive board’s expectations. So take into account the following ideas to improve your proposal format and appearance.

Legibility. Keep the proposal simple and make it easy to read.

Make information easy to find, include table of contents, lists of figures, cross references, navigation / tabs.

Number of pages. Unless stipulated, keep as brief as possible eg less than 10 pages - as a short proposal is much easier to read than a long one.

Use headings, sections, typefaces, fonts, margins, headers, footers and other formatting to achieve maximum impact.

Typeface – unless you have to use your company style, consider using one with a serif eg Times New Roman, which makes a document easier to read.

Font size – 10 -12 point.

Colours – use sensibly where possible, but keep to a restricted colour palette range or use your company colours.

Use graphs and charts to improve readability and enhance the proposal.

Layout – ensure plenty of white space on the page ie greater than 2.5 cm page margins plus 1 cm gutter if printing and binding the proposal.

Limit the column width to help readability.

Limit appendices for essential data only – the rest leave out.

Use word processor software to automatically calculate the readability statistics