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Then, due to the fact the vehicle is composed of one particular carbody, two bogies and four wheelsets, its motion has a complete of 17 review Main suspensions are put in amongst the bogies and the wheelsets, and secondary suspensions are installed in between the carbody and the bogies. The dynamic product of the real-time simulations consists of the vehicle dynamics, the wheel-rail speak to design, and the different friction design of the disc and the pad, as explained in previous part. The hardware components of the brake technique include the brake caliper, the brake working unit , four WSP valves, 4 reservoirs for dummy volumes, the brake drive sensors, the air stress sensors, the sign conditioners, the brake controller, and the pneumatic pipes. The brake controller is composed of an Eu and an ASCU whose functions are brake pressure manage employing brake control and wheel slip prevention logic. The signal conditioners amplify and filter the Ecu and the ASCU output alerts and deliver the signals to the BOU. The BOU actuates pneumatic valves and then actuates the brake caliper. The piping perform was carried out as carefully as achievable to the pneumatic program of the genuine service train . The mechanical brake unit in the produced HILS technique has the exact same composition with the schematics in Fig 1, but the wheel is stationary. The movement of the car is carried out by the true-time simulation part in the HILS. The HILS technique is in a position to offer real regular brake power on the brake disc. Then the friction force on the brake disc is calculated by the merchandise of the measured typical force and the friction coefficient of the brake pad. Co-simulation employing the dynamic designs and the hardware elements requires appropriate information trade among the hardware elements and the computer software car designs. The computer software automobile designs offer the simulated vehicle speeds to the components elements, and then the BOU generates the braking drive using the brake caliper according to the brake command and the simulated vehicle speeds. The braking power was measured by the brake force sensor , and the calculated braking power was fed back again to the software program automobile design. For that reason, from the viewpoint of the hardware brake device, the brake unit of the brake HILS technique receives similar electrical indicators with alerts of the genuine train. The brake unit actually does not know no matter whether the electrical signals arrive from the genuine train or from the HILS system. In other words and phrases, we can check the brake device making use of the HILS program as an alternative of the real teach.The signal flows in the HILS system are proven in Fig 6.