Did a Flip-Flop Cause this Deadly Accident?

Tragedy has struck the small town of Voorheesville, NY, where an out-of-control SUV jumped the curb near a local church, killing three people and police are saying a stuck flip-flop could be the cause.

Luann Burgess, 55, told police she had dropped a child off at a summer school program right before the accident occurred at St. Matthews Roman Catholic Church. Burgess was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

2008 Toyota Highlander base (US)The horrific accident threw one of the victims clear, but dragged the two others 70 or 80 feet under the church entryway and finally stopping after crashing into a brick wall. The victims, all local, were Carol Lansing, 66, Rosemarie Hume, 79, and Fran Pallozzi, 81.

This small community is in shock and the church has said a service will be held in the names of the victims, even though none were members of the church. The victims were part of a group walk of 40 or 50 people sponsored by the Empire State Capital Volksporters, so as tragic as this was, it had the potential to be much worse.

Albany County District Click here for more. Attorney David Soares has stated it is too soon to tell if charges will be filed against the driver in the accident and toxicology reports are still pending at this time.

This is a lesson in how easy it is to lose control of a vehicle if distracted and the senseless deaths it can cause. Whenever a driver is distracted by something, it is always safest to pull over and correct the problem, before it leaves scars that can never be erased.