In the pressure balanced pilot valve configuration Fig

The experimental campaign has been conducted on the Moehwald-Bosch hydraulic test bench installed at the ICEAL laboratory at the Politecnico di Torino [14]. The test rig Deferasirox equipped with several instruments to detect the instantaneous injected flow-rate, injector leakages as well as pressure time histories and temperature levels at different locations in the high-pressure injection system circuit. The EVI instrument has been applied to evaluate the injected flow-rate time history [15]. Furthermore, the Moehwald-Bosch KMM flowmeter device [14] has been applied to evaluate the injector leakage mass through the pilot valve. The electric current time history to the injector has also been measured by means of a current clamp. Finally, piezo-resistive pressure transducers have been installed in the Common Rail (CR) circuit to acquire the pressure time history in the rail and at the electroinjector inlet. These pressure transducers are precambrian also equipped with thermal sensors to evaluate the mean temperature of the fluid.