Water Softener Reviews

Different water softener products are used to make hard water suitable for drinking and other household purposes. Hard water is not suitable for use in day-to-day needs due to the high concentration of minerals present in it. Magnesium and calcium are especially responsible for increasing hardness of water. Use of hard water for bathing causes drying of skin. Formation of suds doesn't take place easily in this kind of water. Deposition of scale in hard water increases consumption of energy for heating. All these disadvantages of hard water calls for softening to make it potable or at least useful for other household needs. Information about products used in water softening should therefore, be of help. Reviews of different water softener products are provided in the paragraphs below.

Purchasing water softeners is quite an investment. Most of these products are priced at more than $1000 and it therefore, becomes necessary to choose the products carefully. One should find the reviews provided in this article to be useful. Water softener reviews consumer reports can also help you make a decision about buying these products.

Water Softener Ratings

An attempt to present the reviews of the best water softeners products available in the market is made in this article.

Aqua-Pure NFS100 Iron Reduction Water Softener: This water softener is useful in reducing iron content of water. Formation of pipe rust and soap scum is prevented by the use of water softened with this product. Stains that accumulate on toilets, tubs, sinks and clothes can also be removed with the softened water. The Aqua-Pure NFS100 is priced at $2,300.

Kenmore 370 Series Water Softener: This product is widely used in the United States. Water softened with 'Kenmore 370 Series Water Softener' helps in cleaning fabrics without damaging them. A lighted screen display and manual salt tank light are the additional features which come with this product. The Kenmore 370 Series Water Softener is priced at $800.

Water Softener Comparison

The information about different water softeners is presented in following paragraphs.

Pelican NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener: The 'NatureSoft' water softening product brought into the market by Pelican helps in softening water; magnesium and calcium deposits that lead to formation of hard-water scale and thereby clogging of faucets, shower heads, etc. The lifespan of appliances thus, increases and also the detergents prove to effective in soft water. The model, NS-3 of this water softener product is priced at $1,295.

Kinetico: The Kinetico water softeners are known for working on the principle of kinetic energy of water. Electricity is not required to operate these systems. Water softener products offered by the brand Kinetico are known for convenience of usage. These products are not very expensive; operational cost is however, quite high. Expenses of maintaining the system too are greater than that of other products.

Kenmore: The Kenmore water softener products are available in different size ranges; small-sized and heavy-duty products are also available. Large particles are filtered out in the process of water softening. Using the Kenmore products helps in reducing water softening cost by half, in comparison to the regular/ordinary methods.

General Electric: 'SmartSoft' technology is the special feature of water softeners released by General Electric. Advantages of having SmartSoft technology are as follows: water softening needs can be gauged, salt loss is minimized and energy is saved by the use of low-capacitance transformers.

The problem of hard water is quite serious in the United States and around 85% of the population has to deal with it. The water softening systems chosen by customers should be studied properly for various features. It often happens that salesmen try to exaggerate the qualities/features of products they are selling. One should thus, be very careful and try to find out the underlying truth. Water softener maintenance is also an important factor to be considered while purchasing these products. Reviews presented in the article should prove to be useful in choosing a suitable product for water softening.


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