Cleaning method of plastic toy

There are various toys in toys market for our choosing from for our kids. However, have you ever thought about the cleaning methods of these toys when you buy them from toys manufacturer in China? Today I want to talk about some cleaning methods of plastic toys.


First, we need to open a number of bleach poured into water to soak into the plastic toys, wash, and rinse with water to remove dirt. We should place it in ventilated place to dry and do not put sun exposure, to avoid distortion. Secondly, toys should be cleaned on a regular basis, like remote control toys supplier says the cleaning methods of remote car and we should accord to the length of time baby toys exposure time to decide, at least once a month to clean. Do not chew but also educational baby toys, play well after going to receive a good toys do not throw to unwashed hands to eat and so on, so as to effectively protect the baby.


Have you got any idea for the cleaning of plastic toys now? Next time, when you buy plastic toys from China novelty toys wholesale online, you should have a basic idea for cleaning it up for your kids.