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Now that youve mastered the art of shampoo selection, youve got one conflict left to crush before returning home to your gal as a boyfriend victorious. This is where battles are won and lost, where boys become men, where hair becomes moisturized. Madness, you say? No. This. Is. Conditioner!

Before your battle cry rings out across the convenience store, take a moment to understand just why conditioner is so important. This isnt like Helen of Troy where youre like, We get it, shes pretty. But, a thousand ships? Really? This actually matters.

Not that some guys would know it from shoving yours under a hat or washing it with bar soap, but hair is delicate. Delicate and damaged from blow dryers and curling irons down to the very brush with which she tames her mane. She knows why she needs conditioner. Do you? Here are three reasons why you should make conditioner your new wingman.

Your Hair is Thirsty

Were talking just finished a marathon while simultaneously devouring a bag of sea salt and vinegar chips thirsty. Heat, sunlight, dry winter air, styling products and even your water can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving your locks brittle, dull and dehydrated. Thats right, your water is drying out your hair. Hows that for a paradox? In all seriousness, the mineral buildup caused by hard water inhibits natural oil distribution and coats your hair in a dingy film. Which leads us to our next reason for keeping conditioner as a constant companion.

Your Hair is Dull

Really dull. Like painting a room taupe, and then watching that dismal paint dry. Your hair is being robbed of its luster daily. Conditioner defeats the dullness by smoothing your cuticles. (Each strand of hair is made up of three layers. The cuticle protects the inner two.) When your hair dries out, your cuticles become rough, reflect light unevenly and allow breakage. This results in your frizzy and bland alter ego coming out to ruin pictures left and right.

Your Hair is Damaged

Your hair has seen more pain than a Tarantino protagonist...or all of Taylor Swifts albums combined. Its exposed to harsh weather, chemicals and styling. As your cuticle grows rough, your strands can splinter and break. Whats the big deal, you ask? For starters, it just looks bad. If youre going for the stuck your finger in an electrical socket look then, by all means, damage away! Fried and splintered hair isnt just rough on the eyes. Running your hands through your hair shouldnt remind you of your hay bale distributing days back on the farm.

So, dont neglect to condition your hair at least every time you shampoo. The more you take out of your hair, the more you need to put back. You can return your moisture to yours and your girlfriends hair with a great conditioner. Now that you know whats at stake, take a look at our picks for soft, smooth and healthy hair below.

Quench your hairs thirst with: Tresemm Moisture Rich Conditioner. Even the driest strands can be hydrated with this low-cost option.

Get your shine on with: Wella Professionals Conditioner. Crystallized polymers in this conditioner reflect light for superb shine.

Heal your hair with: Garnier Fructis Fortifying Deep Conditioner. This inexpensive, three-minute mask repairs and detangles even the thickest and most damaged hair.

Now head on home. I think youve earned a few hours of Call Of Duty, dont you?


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